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PT. Pagoda Sakti Raya (PSR) berdiri sejak tahun 1965. PSR memiliki dan berkonsentrasi pada 2 (dua) bidang usaha yaitu produk Refrigeration Equipmen...
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Did you know that global temperature is rising...?
Did you know that energy cost is also rising significantly..?
Our mission is simply providing customers with the right quality assurance products in order to save energy, meet requirements, feel comforts and most importantly satisfaction that will benefit both in short and long run.




aluminium foil &
galvanized wiremesh

aluminium foil tape

spindle pin
We provide the right products and solutions for applications such as follows;
1. Flamestop / Harvifoil Aluminium foil as Radiant Heat Barrier for Roof Insulation and Retrofit projects
2. Flamestop / Harvifoil Aluminium foil as Vapour barrier and Moisture protection.
3. Calsium Silicate board and pipe as thermal insulation for pipework (oil, gas, steam, etc. pipeline), furnace,        boiler, refinery, etc.
4. Insulglass Glasswool Insulation for chilled water, hot water and steam services lines also widely use as     
    internal lining duct work to control noise transmission and heat loss or gain as well as energy conservation,
    condensation control, vessel and tanks insulations in commercial and institutional project.
5. Unifiber Rockwool Insulation as thermal, accoustical, fire stopping insulation for commercial, industrial
    buildings & plants.
6. ASLI Flexible Air Duct, Grilles and Diffuser are used widely in air conditioning ductwork.
7. Armax Ceilling Board is widely used as an accoustical and thermal ceilling panel for suspended ceilling
8. Tilement Fastening System for hot and cold insulation and sound proof work.
9. Ceramic Fiber as Insulation for high service temperature up to 1300C.
10. Other related products such as;
    Scapa & IPAGS aluminium foil tapes, galvanized wiremesh, fibreglasscloth, Polystyrene,      Polyethelene, Polyurethane, etc.

RAC Bar Grille
CK Jet Diffuser
CX Jet Diffuser
Floor Diffuser
Fire Damper

Plain Flexible Air Duct

Insulated Flexible Air Duct

Calsium Silicate Board & Pipes
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