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PT. Pagoda Sakti Raya (PSR) berdiri sejak tahun 1965. PSR memiliki dan berkonsentrasi pada 2 (dua) bidang usaha yaitu produk Refrigeration Equipmen...
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PT. Pagoda Sakti Raya was established in 1965, concentrated in two major fields of business which are Refrigeration Equipment and Thermal Insulation.
  • Refrigeration Equipment,
    Refrigeration Equipment range of products usage for Cold Storage (-40C up to +18C), blast freezer &
    blast chiller, freezer store, chiller store, ice making ( block & flake ), water chiller, process room, clean room, etc.
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  • Thermal Insulation,
    Thermal Insulation range of products usage for hot/cold insulation ( -200c up to +1400c ), fire stop &
    fire proofing, sound proofing, clean room, energy conservation and humidity control.
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    Our existence which has been more than 4 decades that has always been supported by our principal abroad for technical and non technical matters lead us to own qualified and experienced technician.
    Furthermore Pt. Pagoda Sakti Raya acts as the sole agent for most the products we represents.
    To provide the right solution and needs is part of our mission in order to grow together with our value customers.

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