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Calcium Silicate is an insulation materials molded by reacting calcium silicate powder react with high pressure heat, and mixing it with inorganic fiber, It is a non-asbestos, high performance insulating material designed to provide excellend thermal and heat resistance insulation of heated piping systems, equipments, process vessels used in power stations, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, heat distributing systems and other process industries.



Calcium silicate is very economical thermal insulation which can improve work efficiency and save cost by reducing the thickness of insulation materials and restricting the difffusion heat. Especially, it can be used again for insulating and repairing main material.

High Heat Insulating Effects
Calcium silicate consist of minute pores, it present low heat conductivity event at high temperature and thus has an excellent heat insulation effects.

Superior in strength
Even though molded heat insulation material may be damaged in execution or during transportation, Calcium silicate has excellent mechanical strength such as abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Calcium silicate not only improves the executions efficiency but also has longer service life than other insulation materials.

Non-Corrosive and Moisture Resistance
For insulation of plants, corrosion may damage thermal insulation materials and main material, which may result in pollution problem including explosion and outflow of contents. Calcium silicate has an excellent corrosion protection wich can restrain the corrosion of main material.

Extremely Light weight (220 Kg/m3 and 170 Kg/m3)
Calcium silicate is extremerly light, it is easy to carry and handle, resulting in improving work efficiency.
Non-Combustible, High Compression Resistance, Asabestos-free.

220Kg/m3, 180 Kg/m3, 170 Kg/m3, water repellent (surface and whole)


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